Vid Vortex Review – Is it possible to create authority blogs in 3 minutes?

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Vid Vortex


Easy To Use











  • Easy to use with friendly interface
  • Time saving and cost efficiency
  • Boost traffic significantly
  • Approach more audiences by auto-translate


  • Don't have elaborate filter, so sometimes you have to do some works to find the most suitable videos


Vid Vortex Review – You know, for years, I struggled with finding the way to boost my traffic to my sites. I googled a lots, tried everything I found on the internet, on forums, on social media… From free to paid solutions, if they were from some guys who were more successful than I was, then I definitely gave it a try. And yet, success still eluded me.

Today, while browsing through the internet to see how others do their own video marketing and hope to find some guides, suddenly I came across Vid Vortex. At a first glance, the title “become an authority blogger by free video traffic in 3 minutes” caught my attention. It seems exaggerated, so in order to satisfy my curiosity, I decided to investigate more about it.

As you know, nowadays video marketing strategies are so important that, every business that wants to succeed in their marketing must somewhat have the professional, enticing videos that generate massive traffic. And you know, more traffic means more profit.

Let’s me show you some facts that I found:

  • Video marketing online already appeared to be the potential marketing tactic in 2016, but not until 2018 that it became entire business strategy. More and more money is being poured in to create outstanding videos.
  • Although English seems to be the most popular language, Chinese and Hindi-Urdu are. That’s means, if you don’t know how to speak Chinese, you miss more than 1.4 billion people out there.

That really freak me out, because I know if I can’t afford to make great videos, hire translators, … then my business will be nearly impossible to survive. Does something out there, by any chance, can be my life saving?

So, I gave Vid Vortex a chance.

Vid Vortex Review – Product Overview

CreatorDan Ashendorf
Product Vid Vortex
Launch Date 04 May 2019
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Official Website
Front End Price$27
BonusHuge Bonuses!
SkillAll levels
Refund30 days money-back guarantee
NicheWordPress Plugin
SupportEffective Response

So, What Is Vid Vortex?

Vid Vortex Product Image

Vid Vortex is a WordPress plugin that finds niche-related videos and then posts them on your website. When I worry about language translation, I found out that Vid Vortex can automatically translate the video’s titles and descriptions into more than 103 languages, really impressive. With this plugin, you can really do digital marketing and gain more traffic to your website.

They are really have an edge over traditional ways, because from now, I don’t have to hire designers, writers and translators, and that will definitely save me lots of pennies. And because it can diversify the main language of the video, it makes your target audiences easier to watch and view, therefore you will get more clicks and more converts.

Vid Vortex Review – About The Creator

Vid Vortex Author

Dan Ashendorf is no longer a strange name to anyone who interested in online marketing. He has been working in this field for years, has several hit products on digital market by his own brilliant ideas about marketing. He is currently at the top of recent leaderboards.

Based on his past success, I believe this product is a great deal for me. So, I decided to try it.

What About Vid Vortex Features And How Can They Help Me?

It saves me a tons of time (and money, of course)

Because this software can find the “hottest” videos with copyright free all over the internet with just a few clicks, so I have more time to spend on content’s quality. And also, it is really newbie-friendly, you can use it after following instructions.

Generate more traffic

By transforming spoken content of video into a single blog spot, I can use it to approach more audiences than I used to do. The ability to auto-translate into more than a hundred languages boost my traffic significantly. I have to say at first I didn’t expect too much about it, but saw what it did to me actually changed my mind.

More people know about my websites and my products

Video is embedded with affiliate links and social media syndication.While watching videos, users can see your links and everyone will know about your product. I think this is useful when you don’t have great budget to run Facebook Ads or Google Adsense. It would be the best if you can use it alongside with social media syndication to generate even more traffic.

Boost site’s ranking with scheduled post and freshly updated content

As you know, the hardest part of marketing in general and SEO in particular is, how can you keep your site always on top, so people who interest in your niche can click your site immediately when they search it on Google, Bing, Baidu… With this features, it’s no longer a problem. I used to have nebulous ideas of how to maintain my ranking, but with this features, it’s no longer a problem.

Become a trusted video marketer in your niche

To be honest, I don’t know if I’m going to be a trusted marketer. It depends on so many factors other than just a simple solution. After using this, I believe it contributes greatly to my result. So, I recommend this product to you, so you can make the most out of it and achieve even more profit than I am.

Who Should Use This Product?

I should say, it is suitable for people who are struggle with gaining more traffic. Even by using free traffic or paid traffic, it is always a headache. So, if you are looking for more traffic and more profit, this product should be your essential tool.

More specific, if you are in this list, Vid Vortex is really good addition to your current marketing strategy:

  • Online Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Website Owners
  • Bloggers
  • And anyone who looking for more traffic

Vid Vortex Review – My “how to” guide

This plugin is really easy to use. Just following my 4 steps and you are ready to see significant boost in your traffic!

Step 1: After installed, you can access via WP-Admin panel like other plugins, browse to Settings tab and add your Youtube API key to the box and press Update

Vid Vortex Guide Step 1

Step 2: Navigate back to Home tab, adjust your filters and click SHOW VIDEOS

Vid Vortex Guide Step 2
  • Enter some keywords. For example, I entered “Cat” to find any relevant video.
  • Set minimum views of video. If you want to find least 1.000.000 views video, type 1000000 in this field
  • You can change some additional adjustments like how many videos you want to show, specific channels,…

As you can see, I typed “Cat” keyword, and I want to find 50 videos about that, and this is the result:

Vid Vortex Step 2

Step 3: Choose videos you want from previous screen, and head towards Scheduling Options, select scheduling option (up to 24 hours)

Vid Vortex Step 3

You can also select template if you like. You can add as many as you want, but it has to relevant to your niche.

Step 4: Finally, the last step. You can edit your Post Settings if you like. From here, you can choose language, post on Social Media and more.

Vid Vortex Step 4

Congratulation! Now just wait and see how many traffic your site will get, and you will impress by that startling result!

If you still have trouble with your setup phrase, don’t be worried. Just check this demo video:

My Experience With Vid Vortex

Right now, I don’t find any problem with this plugin yet. It is surely not the best, but it is really a good one. I have tried it for weeks, and it performs well. At first, I didn’t see any significant change, but one day, when I just woke up, I was surprised about the result.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

– Some old folks said

Also, it is a great start for anyone who not good with technical stuffs. It is easy to setup (you can see that from my guide), saved me a lots of money and time, so I can do more productive stuffs and get more profit.

How People Think About It?


Vid Vortex Review – Price And Evaluation

For many years, you have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for outsourcers to create highlighting videos, more money for freelancers to create contents for you and hundreds of hours creating authority sites. Now, you only have to pay $27 – a reasonable price. And you can request a refund if you don’t like it with 30 days money back guarantee. This was really a big deal for me, and now, it’s for you!

Vid Vortex Review

Vid Vortex Review – Bonuses

If you purchase it right now, you can also get huge bonuses from the vendor:


Vid Vortex Review – Conclusion

More and more people are doing online marketing. More and more money are being poured into making the most enticing, most professional videos and contents. And that is the reason why, internet marketing nowadays like a fierce battle. I hope with this Vid Vortex Review, you can boost your traffic and gain an edge over your competitors. Thanks for taking time to read my review. Wish you all the best!

3 simple steps to claim additional bonuses

Step 1: Order Vid Vortex through my website

Vid Vortex Review - Is it possible to create authority blogs in 3 minutes? 1

Step 2: Choose your bonuses from this link:


Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours

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