About Me

Hello everyone! I’m Johnny Tran, a normal person who want to achieve great things. I’m a programmer, amateur designer, and online marketer. I also read books, play the piano and programming every day. I really enjoy talking with other people, to see and to understand more about them.

Because I don’t have a great photographer to take a picture of me, you can imagine me as a young people with circle glasses just like Harry Potter.

About Me 1

When I was a child, I dreamed of being an explorer like Indiana Jones or an agent like James Bond. I always think it will be awesome and so much frenzied if I can do the same thing as they do.

I’m always into technical stuff. I’d love to figure out how to do this, how to do that without any help at first. But I reckon easy-to-use software always be the best idea, saving me lots of time and money.

Just a bit information about me so you can have a nebulous idea of who am I. If you want to contact me, you can fill out the form below. Thanks for visiting my site!